What Businesses Say About Us . . .

"Anne - I have found the whole process very challenging but extremely rewarding and I am sure that I have become a stronger leader as a result. I have learned to behave in a much more positive way and the results for me both personally and at work have made a significant difference. Looking at my core behaviours has given me a much better understanding of who I am and the impact I have on those around me. I intend to ensure my company benefits from the investment in my development and I look forward to leading the team to deliver a first class service to all our clients.”

Senior Manager NHS


“Simon’s approach to people development starts with business development. He always asks what his intervention can achieve through the efforts of a company’s team of people and, critically important, how will that change continue once the project is concluded?

Because of this approach Simon can build bespoke development solutions that are grounded in the objectives of the business and relevant to the people who attend his programmes. This achieves buy in from day one – with tangible results. So tangible that in my guise both as HR Director for Capital Radio plc (as was) and HR Board Director for Huntsworth plc I asked Simon to work on two significant leadership and management programmes for the marzipan layer of young Directors – the results of which are still very much in action with the individuals who attended.

I recommend Simon wholeheartedly – and if the above is not enough then perhaps his wicked sense of humour will tip any final decisions.”

Tracey Reid - Tapestry HR


"Anne - I'll miss the sessions so much. It’s rather as though I've seen everything in 2D before, and you've given an added dimension. It’s the start of my learning journey - you've given me the tools and now its up to me to apply them. Doubtless there won't be linear progression, but I'll remember to go back to basics if things appear to be going haywire - what a gift the coaching process has been! Not knowing at all before I started what to expect I'd never thought it would be such a revelation and such fun - I've really enjoyed not only the sessions, but also meeting you.”

Head of L&D, County Council


“What I valued about Simon was that he listened well and really cared about delivering something that I wanted - rather than something he happened to have available in his back pocket. His programmes always hit the mark for the participants and for the company. He was prepared to both support and challenge me personally - and, along the way, managed to be fun to work with”

Head of Leadership Development - Construction plc.


"Anne - Your breadth of knowledge and experience around these 'people/communication' models is quite inspiring and your ability to apply them to practical issues is so very helpful.  I am learning a lot by having you role model some of these important skills.”

Senior Manager NHS


“The tailored Group Leadership Development Programme instigated by Simon has, in numerous instances, been life changing for attendees and to a large extent I attribute this to Simon's personal capabilities.”

Mark Selway, CEO



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